6 Ways Technology Can Help YOU Grow Young Living

People do not do business with technology – they do business with people.

Technology and personal interaction seem to be opposites in the minds of some Young Living business builders. However, nothing could be further from reality. Technology and relationship building are actually the perfect complement. Allow me to explain.

Many people enter into Young Living because they find products they love and have a desire to help others, a beautiful way to begin their journey. Once their business begins to grow, however, the need for follow-up and constant communication can become overwhelming. For example, a business builder may leave an event with a stack of prospects, each one requiring immediate follow-up, or a growing business may have many team members, all who need training and personal attention at the same time.

It’s important to understand that technology does not replace the personal connection. People do not do business with technology – they do business with other people. Technology simply helps us to be more efficient and effective in managing our relationships, which is how businesses grow.

We certainly can opt to do these technical tasks manually. However, they will take longer and have a greater margin for error. Further, the extra time spent may cause prospects and team members – sometimes the most engaged and excited ones – to miss out on receiving the timely attention they deserve.

Here are six reasons why you should embrace technology when growing and managing your Young Living business.

Better Organization

Managing contacts isn’t easy. Each contact has different contact preferences, is interested in different products, and has received different information. Without technology it’s very difficult to keep track of one, much less dozens or hundreds of contacts.

It’s no wonder the use of CRMs (customer relationship managers) has exploded in recent years. CRMs effortlessly maintain easy-to-access histories on everyone you contact. That information is stored in the contact manager itself and can be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world an internet connection exists.

Think about it… it’s far easier to meet people’s needs and connect with them on a personal level when we know what they have experienced. Technology fosters that personal connection.

Superior Communication

Relationships are built on strong communication. In fact, it’s the repeated exposure to Young Living’s products and brand that drives interest, passion, and sales! Technology delivers incredible time savings in this regard. It ensures that your contacts are well informed and updated, without the manual effort.

Simply add contacts into the contact manager and subscribe them to an email campaign that matches their interests. The system manages the communications and tracks their activity, eliminating the DIY approach that overwhelms even the most dedicated of business builders.

What’s great about Marketing Scents is that professionally designed email campaigns are already included. No writing necessary. Just plug your contacts in and they can begin receiving engaging, interesting emails instantly.

Make no mistake: while technology makes it happen, the communication is from YOU. The replies come to YOU. So you can focus your efforts on the most engaged prospects (where it really pays off).

Marketing Scents offers powerful, personalized exposure, brands you and Young Living’s amazing products, and builds very real relationships that grow your business.

Contact Tracking “Intelligence”

What happens after you write an email and click send? Usually we don’t know. Did they open it? Did they click the link? Open the attachment? Watch the video?

Marketing Scents gives you powerful contact “intelligence.” In addition to being able to see when contacts visit your site (and what pages they view), you can also see when contacts open emails, click links, view brochures, and much more. This is very powerful! In essence, it shows you exactly which prospects are “raising their hand” with interest. It shows you WHO deserves information and personal attention.

This tracking data also tells you WHAT to talk about. When you call or email your prospect, you can ask specific questions that pertain to the video they watched, the brochure they opened, etc., because you have that all-important tracking information at your fingertips.

Imagine your follow-up calls becoming an easy and enjoyable interactive conversation instead of a “shot in the dark” call where you are unsure of what your prospect or customer has viewed.

Scale Effortlessly as You Grow

A successful class or event is a wonderful team-building event, but can quickly become overwhelming when it’s time to follow-up. Having the right online system allows for the one-time creation of the ideal messaging and follow-up campaign, then automates the ongoing process.

A system like Marketing Scents allows you to communicate efficiently with your contacts either individually or in groups based on geography, event attendance, interests and other types of criteria.

Contacts can be added to specific folders, or even assigned a unique “tag,” which makes it easy to search, track and communicate with targeted groups of contacts.

The result is an easy-to-maintain contact manager database that can grow from dozens, to hundreds to possibly thousands… with little additional effort on your part.

Going Mobile

One of the most powerful tools available for business builders is a mobile app that connects them to their contacts wherever they are. In today’s mobile world, it’s neither enjoyable nor effective to be tethered to a home office computer.

For example, compare the efficiency of having a new prospect handwrite their contact information on a card (which you will have to manually enter back at the office) OR entering them directly into Marketing Scents via the mobile app so they can immediately access the information they’ve expressed interest in.

Not only is the latter more efficient, it has been proven to be far more effective. Your new prospect will feel special when their first educational email arrives within minutes, making them much more likely to open and read what you sent. Try it!


Keeping team members engaged and active is challenging. Technology can help – a lot! Having one system and set of tools for your team to utilize makes duplication so much easier. It gets everyone up to speed with minimal time and handholding. This is how duplication should be!

You can still provide personalized attention and training, but the steps needed to get people sharing, educating, and following-up effectively are greatly reduced, with guesswork virtually eliminated. Building in a uniform fashion also creates an empowered and growing team where everyone is on the same page, without the headache of constant and repetitive training.


Technology is not at odds with relationship building. Rather, it offers timesaving automation that results in better relationships with more people. It also empowers you to have more personalized and valuable conversations with your most engaged contacts – the ones who are most likely to grow your business.

With the right technology, there is a person behind every ounce of communication; a person who is more effective, relaxed and attuned to the needs of each and every individual they contact.

And that is where success really takes shape.

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